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Welcome to Learn Chinese With Abdul Laoshi. I am your number one source for all things you want to translate so join us for your future. We’re giving you the very best translation service in Pakistan. We are focusing on quality, quick service, and professional translation but with speedy performance.

It is founded in 2005 by DR. Abdul Azeem. Learn Chinese With Abdul Laoshi has come a long way from its beginnings in Lahore. Dr.Abdul Azeem’s passion for Learn Chinese With Abdul drove them to do tons of research for making it easy for all learners. 

Learn Chinese With Abdul Laoshi can offer you a competitive, differentiator, and the world’s most advanced translational service. We are now serving customers all over the world like Pakistan Bangladesh USA etc.

We’re able to turn our passion into our own website but we are available on other social media platforms too.

I hope you will enjoy my services as a professional and can become an expert in the Chinese language. If you have any questions or comments or any confusion so please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Abdul Azeem Laoshi


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It was a pleasure learning Chinese By Abdul Laoshi. I wasn't fluent in English as well so it was a bit tough to communicate too but Dr. Abdul not only understood my requirements but also helped me achieve my goals.

Vladimir Nabokov

/ Student

"Bought a couple of Chinese Learning Books from this site. My overall experience was excellent. Found all the stuff I was looking for "

Savanna Walker

/ Working Lady

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