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Must check the documents before applying to Chinese embassy.


When ever you apply for the China Visa first time you need a Verification Letter of Invitation or an Invitation Letter (TE) duly authorised from the concerned ministry or local govt.

This Official letter is called the T.E Letter.  This T.E Letter is the first important document for the China Visa purpose.  it is important to understand the statement written on this important document and why it is necessary to avoid chinese visa refusal. 

This Official Invitation T.E letter is followed by a personal letter from the inviter on his company letter head. The Verification Letter of Invitation or an Invitation Letter (TE) needs to be given (printed or copied), and both letters must be given by a Chinese person inviting you.

China Visa Chinese Visa

Lets discuss some important points on your official invitation Letter (TE) that you should check before applying Chinese Visa. 

  • Check the Bar Code On the T.E Letter.
  • Check that the T.E Letter is dully signed and stamped
  • Check that the T.E Letter is Attention to correct embassy.
  • Check that your name is correct
  • Check that your date of birth is correct  
  • Check your passport number is correct


Check the bar code on the T.E Letter

Th first import thing to check is that the TE letter should contain the BAR code . Remember that without this bar code the invitation letter (TE) is not acceptable. 

Normally the embassy scan this barcode and get all the relevant date on one go. its easy for the visa officer to decide about your case. 

Check that the China Visa Invitation Letter (TE) is dully signed & stamped

Second important thing is to check that the official invitation letter (TE) contain official stamp of the authorised unit of Govt. or the commercial entity.  
from recent days the embassy has also started to check that this TE letter must be signed by the related officer with a pen. 

Check that the China Visa (TE) Letter is addressed to correct embassy

This is very important to address the correct embassy in your country. We have seen recently many cases where the document is written on the name of the consulate general or other department and the visa being refused due to this mistake. 

So, Always double check the Chinese Embassy is addressed in the TE invitation letter.  For example in this example it is stated that Embassy of PR China in Pakistan

China Visa Refusal cause on TE

Check that the your name is typed correct on China Visa (TE) Letter

Ofter we observe a spellings mistake in the name. This thing is important to understand that if name is different on TE invitation letter then by definition Visa Officer shall consider the applicant as a different person. 

Some times, on your passport is written full name including First name, Middle name and Last name. but on invitation Letter TE it is just written First and Last name. so be careful about this point. 

Check that the date of birth is typed correct on the (TE) Invitation Letter

On your Official Invitation Letter (TE) it is mandatory to write your date of birth in correct format. 

important to remember that in Chinese official documents the date format is YYYY-MM-DD which is not common in many countries. 

China Visa Refuse

Check that the passport number is correct on the China Visa (TE) Invitation Letter

Last but not the least , Finally, check that the passport number is typed correctly. Any mistake in the passport number may result in your visa refusal. 
So, double check the passport number before applying the case.


No doubt that the Chinese Embassy do not put any refusal stamp on your passport. You can apply as many times as you want  however, it is always a nice idea to check your documents carefully before applying you case. The wastage of time cause panic some times. 
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