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Chinese Proverb Explained | 13/50

Table of Contents Title: “The Power of Collaboration: Amplifying Impact Through Teamwork” Introduction: In our journey towards achieving goals and making a meaningful impact, we often encounter situations where individual […]


Chinese Proverb Explained | 12/50

Title: “Moving Forward: The Significance of Progress and Growth” Introduction:In life, the choices we make and the paths we take play a pivotal role in our personal growth and success. […]


Chinese Proverb Explained | 09/50

“空谈不能饱食” (kōngtán bùnéng bǎoshí) is a Chinese proverb that translates to “Empty talk cannot fill your stomach.” Here is an explanation of its meaning with examples: Example 1: Imagine someone […]


Chinese Proverb Explained | 08/50

Title: “Progress: Embracing Momentum and Overcoming Stagnation” Introduction:In life, the Chinese saying “不怕慢,只怕站” (bù pà màn, zhǐ pà zhàn) reminds us of the importance of continuous progress and the perils […]

一代人种树,一代人 享受果实

Chinese Proverb Explained | 07/50

Title: “Planting Trees: Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations” Introduction:Planting trees is a noble endeavor that goes beyond our own lifetime. The Chinese proverb “一代人种树,一代人享受果实” (yī dài rén zhòng shù, […]

种树最好的时候是20 年年前,其次是现在

Chinese Proverb Explain | 06/50

The Chinese proverb “种树最好的时候是20年前,其次是现在” (zhòng shù zuì hǎo de shí hòu shì èrshí nián qián, qí cì shì xiàn zài) translates to “The best time to plant a tree was […]

鳥兒不因有答案而歌 唱,而是因有歌而歌唱

Chinese Proverb Explained | 05/50

The Chinese proverb “鳥兒不因有答案而歌唱,而是因有歌而歌唱” (niǎo ér bù yīn yǒu dá’àn ér gēchàng, ér shì yīn yǒu gē ér gēchàng) conveys the idea that birds do not sing because they have […]

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